Upcoming Tourneys


This calendar is to display upcoming tourneys within these three states which are known to us.  The purpose of this is to help other tourney organizers to schedule new events so that they don’t overlap and so that players can plan out their local tourney careers more easily.  If you know of a tourney which is not on this list, please contact us.


SC Tournaments:
ACT 4: Aiken Convocation Tournament
Exit 8 – Hilton Heads, SC – August 4th 2012
Stronghold Gaming Tournament – Sumter, SC

NC/GA Tournaments:
ReSe Tournament: Concord, NC – August 25th 2012


6 Responses to Upcoming Tourneys

  1. Gunslinger says:

    Gvegas Beatdown is January 30th now, btw.

  2. xlegendary wolf says:

    damn maybe i should join.

  3. genocide_cutter says:

    neo geo time

  4. Darksylux says:

    Just so you guys know theres an arcade coming up called Maddness gaming http://www.maddnessgaming.webs.com/

  5. Jerry Pringle says:

    Theres one in Augusta, GA. Email me for the info.

  6. Solid 0cean says:

    Ranbats!? :O I’m there

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