[Sep 25, 2011] SUNDAY BATTLE OF THE GODS!!! (Charleston, SC)

From: SRK

946 Orleans Rd., Suite B-10
Charleston, SC 29407

$5 (cash only) per tourney
$2 venue fee

Sunday September 11, 2011
12:00PM – Registration Opens
1:00PM – Tournaments Begin

Tournaments (Singles):
Marvel vs Capcom 3 (PS3 )
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition (PS3)

Weekly Free Play:
Blaz Blue CS2 (360)

-Winnings are split 60/30/10
-Double Elimination Bracket.
-All matches between players are a set of three games, Grand Finals are 3 out of 5
-To enter a tournament you have to pay $5.00 for each game you enter(Ex: If you want to enter MK9 you have to pay $5.00, If you want to enter MK9 and SSF4AE you have to pay $10.00 five is for MK9 and five is for SSFAE)

Explanation of the venue fee:
-*Don’t forget that there is a $2.00 venue fee. Once you pay this you just have to play for your pot entries. That means that say if you wanted to enter SF4AE you would pay $7.00 total. $2.00 for the venue fee and $5.00 to the SSF4AE pot. The venue fee only has to be payed once, you don’t have to pay the venue fee for each tournament you enter.

Prices for entering more then one tournament:

-$12.00 dollars if you were to enter two tournaments, $2.00 goes to the venue fee and $5.00 would go to one tournament you entered and $5.00 would go to the other tournament you entered

-$17.00 if you were to enter three tournaments $2.00 goes to the venue fee and $5.00 would go to the SSF4AE pot, $5.00 would go to the MVC3 pot, and $5.00 would go to MK9 pot

-B.Y.O.C. (No controllers will be provided by the tournament organizers or //dotgames)
-Wireless controllers are prohibited. This is due to syncing up with other systems and potentially pausing the players’ match next to you. This also makes switching controllers much faster.

-Be punctual. Do not be late for your matches. I will be calling out names, so listen up! If you’re leaving or stepping out for a bit, let me know. Makes things much easier, but don’t disappear for undue lengthy amounts of time. I don’t want to have to DQ anyone, but I reserve that right in order to keep the tournament flowing as smoothly as possible.

-Pausing intentionally during a match is grounds for a disqualification/loss of that GAME unless the player who didn’t pause the game wants to continue the match.

In-game specific rules:
-Winner must keep the same team/assist types (MvC3)
-Winner must keep same character, may change ultra (SSF4:AE)
-Blanka Alt. Costume 3 is banned. (SSF4:AE)
-MK9: Freddy and Kratos are banned
-SF3sOE: Gill is Banned.
-SF3sOE: Winner must keep same character but they can change Supers

Requests from the TOs:
If you have a setup that can be used for the tournament, PLEASE let me know. Shoot me a PM, email, or IM.
A setup consists of a display (CRT or lag free monitor–ASUS monitors are winners here) and a console (PS3 is preferred please). I’m going to try to have things labeled with sticky notes around cords to keep track of things.

If you have any more questions PM me on Facebook or on SRK forums,Dustloop Forums, or Dreamcancel Forums:

My Facebook name is Anji Faust
My SRK forums name is Dr. Faust
My Dustloop and Dreamcancel forums name is Dr.Faust
My YGOF and MTG Salvation name: Cajun Rage


One Response to [Sep 25, 2011] SUNDAY BATTLE OF THE GODS!!! (Charleston, SC)

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey Anji Faust, whens the next tournament your doing?

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