[Jul 16, 2011] G-VEGAS BEATDOWN 6 Greenville SC over 3000 square feet of Games!!!! (Greenville SC)

Shamar and Filldoh are proud to Present G-VEGAS BEATDOWN 6
I know all of you have loved our tournaments in the past and we have done them on a small scale (50-100 people) but now we are stepping things up BIG!!!

Comfort Inn Greenville SC
2756 Laurens Rd, Greenville, SC, US, 29607
Phone:(864) 288-6900Fax:(864) 288-5935
Website http://www.comfortinngreenville.com/

We have rented the Ballroom out WITH OVER 3000 SQUARE FEET for our gaming bliss. What this means is instead of a small space for the tournament and a small one for casuals we will have a huge area for both. Think of the room final round was in and you will know what I am talking about. Also we will have the room until Midnight so casuals will be played long after the tournament is over. They have also been nice enough to give a major discount on 30 rooms reserved for me at $49 per room(down from $79 normal rate) if you book by July 1st. To book a room call the hotel and ask for the G-Vegas Beatdown Rate.

There are also going to be several sponsors at the event with booths setup.

Tournament will be streamed at http://www.justin.tv/sctourney

The First sponsors of the event are:
THE CONSOLE SURGEONS they will be onsite to repair XBOX 360’s and PS3’s they use professional BGA equipment and techniques to reflow the solder under the GPU. Then they take measures to make your system run cooler and help preventing the problem from happening again. They can also repair E74 errors, OPEN TRAY errors, and any other problems you may have.

Just to let everyone Know I landed a new sponsor at GVEGAS, RED ROBIN
They will be providing Appetizers(chicken wings, chicken fingers, chips, ect.) and Coke Products and bottled water for a small fee at the tournament (sorry no burgers as they wouldnt keep very well.) Also for the winner of SFAE they will be giving a Red Robin Gift Card!!

Other Sponsors will be announced in the coming days once contracts are signed.

On to the games

Registrations at 12:00pm
Games start at 1:00pm

If you are going to be late we are instituting a $10 late charge on top of the entry fee(NO EXCEPTIONS) it is unfair to hold up the people on time because you can’t get out of bed. BE ON TIME, if the game you are wanting to enter has already started sorry, but again we can’t hold people up, BE ON TIME and we will all have more fun.

all games are a $10 entry fee with a payout of 70/20/10 for top 3
MK9 Xbox360
MVC3 Xbox360
SF4AE Xbox360
MK9 2 on 2 Tag Xbox360
SF4AE Teams Xbox360
MVC3 Teams Xbox360

Minor tournaments

Rules will be the same as Final Round so no real surprises, but here they are just in case
General Game Rules:

All matches are Double Elimination, best 2 out of 3 matches
Pool play will be incorporated for any tournament with more than 128 entries
You may request Blind Pick
No turbo buttons allowed for any games
This is a BYOC (bring your own controller/converter or joystick) event
Equipment malfunctions that pause/reset matches may result in game/match losses at the discretion of the tournament director
Button mapping/shouldering/macros not allowed in any tournament accept SC4 – default available inputs may be rearranged to different positions if necessary

Venue FEE of $15 is available at the door. You will receive a $5 discount on your fee if you Preregister bringing your fee down to $10. See below for preregistration details.
In addition the venue fee will be waived if you bring a complete setup for one of the major games.
Complete setup is defined as the following:
TV (CRT OR NON LAGGING LCD-We will check and if your shit lags you will not have your venue fee waived.)
Copy of either MVC, SF4AE, or MK9
Save file on your hard drive with all characters unlocked(Including DLC characters)
Complete all of these requirements and the venue fee will be waived.
We only need 15 more setups so hurry up and commit because as we will only offer this first come first served. If you are bringing a setup please arrive by 11am with your equipment.

Because of the massive amount of space we are also allowing as many side tournaments as wanted!!!!!
Here is how it will work, if you have a side tournament you would like to run all I ask is you bring a setup and we will allocate a space for you to run it. It won’t be part of the official tournament but you will be able to run it granted that it starts after we are down to the top 20 in the majors. If you would like to bring a setup for casuals that is ok as well, but bringing a setup for casuals or a side tournament is not eligible for a venue fee discount, only majors!!

Preregister with your name, region, and the games you are going to be playing

For example
Greenville SC
SF4AE, MVC3, MVC Teams, AE Teams, MK9, SC4

If you don’t put your region don’t be mad when you are matched up against your buddy you drove with.

Preregistration will be over July 11th so hurry!!!

Also list your equipment you will bring as the venue fee discount will cease after the first 15 commitments!

PM me with any questions or email me at gvegasbeatdown@yahoo.com
Please check back as we will update with new sponsors and information!


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  1. East Coast Gaming Upcoming Tournament: Black Ops 3v3 on Xbox 360 and Mortal Kombat IX on PS3. set for July 23, 2011 VISIT http://www.ecg2011.com

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