Columbia, SC Super Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6 Ranbats Season 2: Round 4 Results

Once again, I want to thank everyone for participating in last round of this seasons Ranbat! Jacob won both the Blazblue and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum tournament. Here are the results for Super Street Fighter 4 Singles:

Super Street Fighter 4 Singles

1. Lord Byron (C.Viper/Guile/Guy)
2. American Dream ( Ryu/Makoto)
3. Jaguar (Juri/Rose)
4. Dr. Hat (Vega/Blanka)
5. Munizzle (Sagat)
5. Iron Man
7. AwardTour (Ryu)
7. Woodrow (Honda)
9. Kimchi (Guile)
9. Eskay (Akuma)
9. Guru (Cammy)
9. Shadarian (Sagat)


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