Columbia, SC Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament: July 10th (SAT)

There will be a Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament this Saturday, before the Ranbat 2.4 begins at 11:15am. So if your a Smash player and want to showcase your skillls, then come on by and win that pot money!!

Here are the rules for the tournament:

  • Best 2 out of 3 matches (using 3 out of 5 or 4 out of 7 for final rounds).
  • Double Elimination.
  • Timed Stock (4 Stock/8 Minutes)
  • In the case that time runs out and both characters have an equal amount of lives, the character with less damage wins the match. If both characters have equal lives and damage, Sudden Death will determine the winner.
  • Items are turned off.
  • The first match is played with a Random Stage.
  • For the first match, characters are chosen double-blind – at the same time, so that neither player knows his opponent’s character beforehand. In practice, this rule is often ignored, but players always reserve the option to force a double-blind pick.
  • The loser of the first match (and of successive matches) chooses the next stage, and then the winner chooses his character, and then the loser chooses his character. This series of choices is called slob picks.
  • The loser can pick either a neutral stage or a counterpick stage:
  • Corneria
  • Green Greens
  • Jungle Japes
  • Kongo Jungle
  • Kongo Jungle (N64)
  • Mute City
  • Onett
  • Poke Floats
  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Rainbow Cruise
  • Brinstar Depths
  • The loser cannot pick any banned stages:
  • Flat Zone
  • Great Bay
  • Icicle Mountain
  • Hyrule Temple
  • Yoshi’s Island (Pipes)
  • Yoshi’s Island (N64)
  • Venom
  • Fourside
  • Princess Peach’s Castle
  • Mushroom Kingdom I
  • Big Blue
  • Mushroom Kingdom II
  • Dreamland 64
  • Battlefield
  • Fountain of Dreams
  • Yoshi’s Story
  • The loser can also not choose any stage that has already been played earlier that round. This rule is known as “Dave’s Stupid Rule,” named after Scamp.
  • As with the first match, in some tournaments players can strike stages from the opponent’s selection.

Entry Fee:


Booker Washington Cultural Art Center (located off of W.Beltline Blvd)
2611 Grant St. Columbia, SC 29203


Registration: 10:30 AM-11:15 AM
Tourney Begins: 11:20 AM
Tourney Deadline: 5:00 PM


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