Columbia Ranbats Season 1.1 Pictures

Here are a few pictures from Ranbats 1.1. As you can see, the room is very large! There’s tons of room to move around and for setups.  Thanks to Hi-Tekk for finding this venue, as it is perfect for our events.  I just took random pics. Most of these are from casuals.  The ranking battle went very quickly (thanks to having lots of setups!), so there were several hours of casuals afterward.  I think these casuals sessions are as important as the ranking battle as it allows people to play against one another and to learn from each other so we can all level up.  Even if you do not wish to participate in the ranking battle, come down for the casuals! Just pay the door fee and you can play casuals once the ranking battles are over.

However, keep in mind that just like last year I am keeping a detailed leaderboard of players for Columbia. The leaderboard is based on tournament play finishes, which includes the ranking battles.  So if you want to be on that 2010 Columbia power players leaderboard, hit these tourneys!


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