Columbia Ranbat 1.1 Quick Results (took place Saturday, 2 January)

Here are the quick results for the first Ranbat event which took place on Saturday, 2 January.

First of all, it was an awesome time!  We got the Ranbat done very quickly and efficiently, which meant that we actually had several hours to do a ton of casuals, which was fantastic and much needed!  After all, in my opinion, the whole reason we are doing this is to get better as players (and to have fun of course!), so having all those casuals was very good! 

Justin (SonGohanX) recorded a lot of the matches from both Ranbats, so look forward to those coming soon.

Also, the Ranbat has just started. We didnt have a lot of time to advertize this, s0 the number of players was what I expected.  Next time will be even bigger, because I’ve spoken to everybody and some of the new players I’ve talked to have said that they would spread the word and bring more players.  Also, some Columbia regulars which were not there will likely be there. 

I’ve included the pot money totals below in great detail.  At $3 entry fee we took in more than the $30 needed to play for the venue for that day so we divided it evenly between the two game pots.  As you can see, the pots are off to a good start.  After 4 more events like this, each pot will be several hundred dollars each!

Because we took in more than we needed for door fees on the first one, we are lowering the door fee for the second one from $3 to $2.  Also, if you ONLY want to come and play casuals, you can! You just pay the door fee of $2 and you can play in the casuals sessions.  However, you will not be ranked in the Columbia 2010 Power Players rankings (which will track stats for players all Columbia events all year).

I’m going to keep stats for players **ALL YEAR** so if you want to be a ranked Columbia player, you need to take part in Columbia tourneys, and ranbats are Columbia tourneys.  Casuals do not count.  I’ve kept them all for 2009 and I will post them tomorrow when I have more time.

Today I have no time and just wanted to post this really quickly. I’ll post anything else I think I forgot tomorrow and maybe dress up this post a bit more.

Thanks to all players who came out! It was seriously a blast. Everybody played lots of games, shared information with each other, and I’m sure lots of players came out learning something, which is good! So make plans for the next one!!


1: Daedalus (10 Points) – Rufus
2: SonGohanX (7 Points) – Blanka, Bison, Honda
3: LH621 (5 Points) – C.Viper
4: Award Tour (3 Points) – Rufus
5: Jason (2 Points) – Ken
5: Dr.Hat (2 Points) – Vega
7: U-Volt (1 Point) – Dhalsim
7: Hi-Tekk (1 Point) – Akuma
9: BushidoX – Ken
9: Jwop – Ken
9: Mulciber113 – Cammy
9: Avatar2 – Blanka
13: Pick – C. Viper


1: LH621 (10 Points) – Lei
2: Bach (7 Points) – Eddy, Ganryu
3: SonGohanX (5 Points) – Dragunov, Wang
4: Dr.Hat (3 Points) – Bryan
5: BushidoX (2 Points) – Baek
5: Award Tour (2 Points) – Law
7: Bankai Blanka (1 Point) l- Fei
7: Avatar2 (1 Point) – Christie


Street Fighter 4
13 Players = $65
Door Fee Overage Bonus = $10
Current Total = $75

Tekken 6
8 Players = $40
Door Fee Overage Bonus = $11
Current Total = $51

Door Fees:
15 total players in tourneys = $45
2 players just for casuals = $6
-$30 cost of venue
Remaining: $21 ($10 bonus for SF4, $11 for Tekken 6)


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