USC: Fall Brawl this Saturday (7 Nov), Columbia, SC. Get Hype! It’s going to be big!


Fall Brawl is almost here, and it’s going to be massive!  Almost 35 players have pre-registered for Street Fighter 4 on SRK alone! This means it’s likely we’ll have closer to 60 or 70 players when the actual event hits due to door registrations from peeps coming in from USC and from seeing the flyers that have been posted around various game stores in the Midlands.  Over 20 have signed up for BlazBlue on SRK, which means at least 30 total at event-time.  Tekken 6 has just been released and its pre-registrations are climing too, but not at SRK because SRK is mostly a 2D fighting game forum.  Right now there are players from SC, NC, and GA.  The organizers of Fall Brawl have told me they could possibly expect over 100 people between the various games being offered!  This will be the largest tournament Columbia has had in recent memory (ever? has there ever been a larger tourney than this here?).

Visit the official thread here for more information and to pre-register!

Also they are having a poll to determine a retro fighting game to have at the tournament.  Go there and cast your vote on which game you want to play! I believe the retro tourney will be like $1 so it’s for the fun of the game.

If you want to get into tourneys or are just curious, this is the one to come to. I stress you do *not* have to be a good player to have fun at an event like this.  I’m personally entered into 5 games and I will be quickly eliminated in all of them. SF4 I may make it a bit farther, but not much! It’s all about the fun, the hype of the room and the matches, and watching some truly epic matchups!  Make plans this weekend to attend Fall Brawl. You won’t regret it!


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