Tekken 6 is here. Prepare for it in SC tourneys. Support your game.


At long last, Tekken 6 has finally hit the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.  If you’re a fan of 3D fighters, it’s pretty good. It has a roster of 40 characters, and from what I’ve heard it is fairly balanced for having so many characters. I won’t waste a blog post telling you about Tekken 6, though, as you’ve likely already made up your mind about the game at this point. 

With this post I want to speak to the people who have Tekken 6, already know they like it, and want it to be a part of the tourney scene for a long time.  It all comes down to support.  Tekken 6 has everything it needs to be a fantastic competitive fighting game in tourneys for many years.  However, if nobody shows up to play the game at casual events or tourneys, it will fade away. 

Now is the time to come out to tourneys to play this game, so that tourney organizers can see that there are people who want to play it.  You don’t have to be a great player to come out and have fun playing the game against live competition. Want proof you don’t have to be good? Hell, I’m entered into the Tekken 6 tourney at Fall Brawl (see my next post in the next few days about Fall Brawl). I haven’t touched a Tekken game since Tekken 2, and then only for a few games. I suck at the game but it is fun and I will have fun playing (and losing) at the game at Fall Brawl.  If you aren’t good yet, come out to tourneys to support the game, to get that valuable experience against live players, and then at later tourneys you will be better able to dominate when you do get better at the game.  That’s my plan for all games I play at tourneys, actually.

So if you have any desire whatsoever to play this game against live competition (or different live competition if you already have friends who play), try to make it out to tourneys when you can. Don’t let what happened to Soul Calibur 4 happen to this game.

Oh, and if you already know you are coming out to tourneys to play this, practice up. Tekken 6 will probably be part of almost every tourney for the next few months and from then on it’s support will depend on players showing up.


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