South Carolina Players Travel to Season’s Beatings IV (Featuring Justin Wong vs Daigo) in Columbus, Ohio

south-carolina-travelsWho would have thought that the rematch between Justin Wong (North America’s top Street Fighter 4 Champion) and Daigo “the Beast” Umehara (Japan’s top traveling Street Fighter 4 Champion and perennial dominator of Evo) would take place in Ohio?  The rematch of one of the most exciting Street Fighter 4 Evo Finals to date (Evo 2009) will go down at Seasons Beatings 4: New Crack City being held in Columbus, OH this weekend (October 16-18).  With undoubtedly the biggest main event imaginable taking place, it’s a no-brainer that this tournament will have astronomical amounts of hype and players from all over the country are making the pilgrimage to take part.

South Carolina has players who are making the trip as well.  Justin (SonGohanX) from Myrtle Beach, currently South Carolina’s top-seeded Street Fighter 4 tournament player, is making the trip. Keyon, South Carolina’s top-seeded player in BlazBlue, is also going.  Dwaine (AwardTour), with rock-solid Rufus skills, will be there. And Matt (U-Volt), winner of the D’Avino’s Street Fighter 4 Tournament in July, will represent all the nacho fans out there with his El Fuerte (and possibly pull out his Balrog if needed).  Keyon, Matt, and Dwaine are all from the Columbia area.  (To those who haven’t been to a tournament in a while, you may have missed it, but Columbia’s scene is for real and it’s players are dedicated. Columbia travels.)

Follow the Action:

There are several ways you can follow the action at Seasons Beatings 4.  The tournament is providing (according to the official thread at SRK):

  • Live Stream of matches during the tournament
  • Commentary on featured matches by none other than Capcom legend Seth Killian
  • High quality recordings of featured matches to be uploaded for public viewing after the tournament’s conclusion

You can get more information and updates on this tournament by visiting the official Seasons Beatings 4 thread at:

Matt (U-Volt) is also planning to provide some personal coverage of his experience at the event.  He will be “tweeting” all weekend with updates and pics. Follow his Twitter at:

So, good luck to all of our players who are making the journey to participate in what is sure to be an epic tournament!


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