New SC Tourney Events being Planned

sf-tributeRight now we are in the planning stages for how further fighting game tournaments in South Carolina will be conducted.  After USC’s “Fall Brawl” (Columbia, SC on 7 November), we plan to follow-up with further tournaments of various sizes.  Discussion in the Shoryuken forums is currently taking place as to how we should best organize these tournaments.  After all, the goal of all organizers and players currently discussing this matter is to grow the fighting game scene across the entire state. 

 In my opinion, the main goal is to provide consistent tournaments so that the scene continues to grow.  Another goal is to keep tourney players playing as often as possible so that they can continue to level up their skills.

The tournament scene in many areas of this state had dwindled down to just a glimmer until Street Fighter 4 and some ambitious tourney organizers and players came along and started to turn things around earlier this year.  Now the scene, especially in the Midlands, is growing fast and we wish to keep that momentum going.

We cannot let the hard work that has gone into growing this wonderful scene go to waste. We cannot get lazy on organizing tournaments and just assume that the players will be there to come to a tournament after prolonged periods of inactivity. Players will eventually lose interest and move on.

So we need to keep players playing. We need to keep the excitement going not just with regular tournaments but also with some special events such as the Midlands vs Low Country 5 on 5 we held at Charleston a few months ago.  Perhaps crazy stuff like a completely retro tourney with nothing but older arcade games like Samurai Showdown, Project Justice/Rival Schools, Third Strike, Mark of the Wolves, Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior, and others would be a cool idea.

I just wanted to post to let you know that discussions like this are happening. If you want to take part, there’s one currently being held in the Columbia, SC thread on the SRK forums, for example.  Add your two cents and take part. Lots of people visit this blog every day but don’t like to post comments for some reason, but I’m letting you know it’s OK to leave comments here on this blog as well and they will be read.  Let your voice be heard. What would you like to see?


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