Columbia player vids from Augusta Super Tournament (3 October, 2009)

I’m the Blanka in this video. I was the very first match of the day on the “hype station” (an awesome setup with each player having their own monitor plus 2 wall monitors showing the action for all to see). I was quite nervous and missed a lot of stupid stuff. It also didn’t help that Kidd is an absolutely amazing Gen player! Once again, thanks for making me look like a complete scrub on YouTube, Corey!  To add insult to injury, I got R.Kelly’d at the end! LOL!

AwardTour has an exceptionally good Rufus and usually places high in Columbia tourneys. What’s scary is that he’s continuing to improve. This match with Heavyweight is an outright war. I don’t think I’ve seen a Rufus/Gouken match this intense. Pay attention to AwardTour’s mixups. It’s pretty insane. The first 2 matches are pretty epic but AwardTour seemed to have dialed Heavyweight’s number in set 3.

For more videos from the Augusta Super Tournament visit the Tournament Center of Augusta’s YouTube channel at:


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