D’Avino’s events cancelled

For the first time since I started this blog for our rapidly growing community, I have some bad news.  D’Avino’s Pizzeria, the venue that had been used for several tournaments over the last few months as well as the planned “Digital Slugfest” series of events, seems to have suddenly been closed down indefinately.

The only information I have recieved after trying to repeately contact them was via the business’ Facebook page.

From D’Avino’s Facebook: “We had a great past 2 years everyone, unfortunately some of you have already heard and we are now temorally closed for business. Thanks to all our friends who came by for a final pie. I’ll keep this facebook going to let you all know when and where we open up at, but it will not be in Dutch Square. Stay tuned, and thanks again Columbia.”

So, with no further information to go on, I am going to take all remaining D’Avino’s “Digital Slugfest” events off the tourney calendar.  This series of events was organized by D’Avino’s.  Myself and a few of the tourney regulars here in the Midlands only advised them and gave them ideas. Despite this, I apologize to anybody who was put out by this unfortunate turn of events.  I personally feel like the D’Avino’s guys did not intend to scam anybody, as they are great guys who put a *tremendous* amount of thought and work into this event for no profit, and personally am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.  With luck D’Avino’s will re-open and we’ll get answers.

For now we will move on as a community, continue to grow, and continue to have fun playing.


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