Augusta SUPER Tournament! Augusta, GA (3 October, 2009): GET HYPE!


While this isn’t a South Carolina tournament, the Augusta SUPER Tournament deserves special mention for several reasons. First of all it’s in Augusta, which is so close to South Carolina that it might as well be considered a SC tournament.  Moreso, however, I want to bring SC players’ attention to this tourney because of what the Augusta scene has done for our state.  Players have Augusta have traveled to tourneys in SC many times and really have contributed greatly to the scene, especially in the Midlands.  They are always hype, always friendly, and are always really tough competitors.  Let’s honor their contribution to our scene by supporting their tournament this weekend. It’s going to be hype! I plan to be there personally, so I hope to see some of you there! Now, onto the tourney details!


A word from the organizers: “I’m proud to announce another fighting game tournament in the “hype” city of Augusta, GA! Us players in Augusta have been traveling outta town alot lately to satisfy our hunger for SF4 and BB competition, and I think its time we invite you to come play at our home! Come get some’ Saturday, October 3rd at the Augusta SUPER Tournament featuring Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, and the King of Fighters XII! (360 Marvel vs Capcom 2 aswell if enough interest).”

The Augusta SUPER Tournament

October 3rd is the official date!

The Tournament Center
1824 Wylds Rd Suite A3
Augusta, GA 30909
Google Maps link:

Door Fee: $10 ($5 if you pre-register!)
Game Fee:
SF4: $10
BB: $5
KOF12: $5
Marvel: $5 (if enough interest)
(We really want to get an idea of how many people plan to attend this tournament so please pre-register!! In this case, it won’t hurt to not pre-reg, and if you do, you’re saving yourself a good five dollars!! So please pre-reg!)

Do like so, visit the SRK official thread at:

Pot will be split like so:
1st: 70%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%
“Framed Trophies” too
(I want to assure you that absolutely NO money will be going to the wrong hands!! Myself and the rest of the Augusta crew are doing this for the love of the South East fighting game community and would never steal or profit from you!! If anything John and I have spent a good sum of our own money to help promote and make this tournament better than the average tourney! We have sacrificed much for this, and we hope it will all pay off in the end!)

Time: October 3rd, 2009
-Registration and casual play begins at 12:00pm
-Tournament starts 1:30pm
(Please be on time!! Everyone has stories of how that one tournament there and here started extrememly late and blah blah blah, so lets avoid a late start please and thankyou!!)
-If problems arise and you are late, please call me:
Druseph: 706-220-7349

-(and dont take for granted casual play!: some say the best matches you play are casuals at a tournament! I want to encourage more casual play at events like these because it’ll be the only time you can truly play the best players (lag free) just like in the ol’ fashioned’ arcades! Feel free to come early or stay afterwards on the tournament to knock out some casuals with Augusta’s and our neighboring city’s best players!! I promise it’ll help you!!)

System Format: X-BOX 360
(I know many of you play PS3 and its become the more common console since its been used at EVO, FR, and other major tournaments, but about 90% of us players in Augusta play 360 and our venue is full of several 360 stations, so 360 is going to be the format this time.

-No need to bring tvs or consoles to this venue! The only thing you need to bring is your controller (BYOC!). But if you are a PS3 player, there will be plenty of 360 sticks at this tournament and we will be more than happy to let you borrow them for your matches. Our main SF4 setup will be on 4 wide screen flat panels (lag free) so our tournament should run very smoothly just like the last one!

Universal Rules:
-SF4, BB, Marvel, and KOF12 will all be best 2 out of 3 rounds.
-All tournaments will be Double Elimination best 2/3 matches, 3/5 semi-finals, 4/7 Finals
–No Button Mapping (Default is allowed for pad players, but mapping throw and focus is doo doo straight up and is not allowed)

Games/ Rules:
Street Fighter IV
-Winner keeps same character, loser can choose differently

-Winner keeps same character, loser can choose differently

The King of Fighters XII
-Winner keeps the same team members and continues the same member order, loser may switch team members and member order

Marvel vs Capcom 2
-Winner keeps the same team, while the loser can switch teams.
-You may not use any glitch that prevent the game from being played. This includes game freezing, game resetting, player freezing…
-Deadbody infinites are allowed to gain a positional advantage, but not to delay the game.
-Button switching during the loading screen is allowed (e.g. Holding ASSIST 1 to switch your first assist with the point).
-You may not use the same character twice on one team.
(If not enough interest, this will not be run.)


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