USC “Fall Brawl” (Columbia, SC) postponed until 7 November, 2009


The organizers of the USC “Fall Brawl” have announced that they have delayed the event from its original date of 26 September 2009 to a new date of 7 November, 2009.  The good news is that the date is after the release of Tekken 6, so that game will be featured at the event instead of Tekken 5. It will be one of the first tourneys in SC to feature Tekken 6.  Here’s the update they made in the event’s official thread on SRK:

lGakmanl: “We came to the tough decision to postpone the tournament. We decided that we don’t want to interfere with Quantum X event and that if we take more time we can guarantee more. We are pushing the date of “Fall Brawl” to November 7. We are promising a phenomenal event and with perfection there is time. Due to the economy, GameStop has retracted there sponsorship but we will still add more to the pots of the major events. I am not sure what we will have but we are promising it will be worth the wait. This will also give us a chance to host the first big Tekken 6 tournament in South Carolina. Also, this is not a tournament for us, it is for SC. Any game that anyone want to put on the schedule is fine by us. We will do our best to have anything and everything. Trust me, you want to be here.”

Please make plans to attend this event. It is sure to be epic. If you haven’t pre-registered, or you already have but cannot attend on the new date, please visit the official event thread on SRK to do so.  The more people we have pre-registered, the more out-of-state players we will draw attention. The thread is located here:


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