D’Avino’s “Digital Slugfest” Fighting Circuit begins this weekend!!: Columbia, SC (12 September, 2009)

fight-circuitThe D’Avino’s “Digital Slugfest” Fighting Circuit begins this weekend and there are several announcements to be made which will make it even better. Here’s a rundown of how it will work.

The “Digital Slugfest” Fighting Circuit is a series of 6 events, one per month, starting with the September event this weekend.  These 6 events will be the “season” for this event.

It’s about the points!

Players will earn points for each of the games at every event.  It will be 1 point for every round won.  $25 prize for first place wins at all 3 games at each event. That’s just a bonus, though. The real prize is at the end of the season. The player with the most overall points (combined points for all games, all events) at the end of the season will win the “grand prize”. More on prizes in a bit.

The Games

Every event will have Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, and one game which will rotate.


$10 gets you into the event.  That $10 gets you into all three games at the event! That’s one hell of a deal! If, for some reason, you just want to show up to play one game, you can pay $5 for a single tournament.


There will be a prize of $25 to first place for each of the 3 games at every event.  That is just a bonus really because what you should be fighting for is the grand prize.  All fee money collected that doesn’t go toward the 3 $25 prizes will go into a pool for a large “Grand Prize” at the end of the season!  The Grand Prize will be a 70/20/10 split for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  How big can the Grand Prize get? Just as an example, having just 15 people attend each event will be $450!!

The information on the grand prize will be made public and will be available for all to see. This way you can watch it grow and get more motivated to win! Every round counts!!!

Here are the events scheduled so far:

September 13: Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue and UFC: Undisputed
October 10: Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue, and Soul Calibur 4
November 14: Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue, and Marvel vs Capcom 2
December 6: Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue, and Tekken 6
2 more dates for circuit (at least) forthcoming.

All tournaments are using the Playstation 3.

The only reason for this being that it is far easier to switch between controllers and joysticks.  The last tournament we held using the 360 version it was a hassle to switch them.

Bring your own controller or joystick:

360 players don’t let the fact that it is using PS3 keep you from coming. Please come join the fun.  We have sticks you can use for your matches and we’re looking into buying a MadCatz SF4 Fightpad for PS3 for the players who use the 360 controller as they are similar.

D’Avino’s Pizzaria in Dutch Square Mall, Columbia, SC.

Contact Information: Richie is the primary contact but ask the staff if he isn’t there. Phone # is (803) 731-4838

You can pre-register at the location any time before the event. You can also pre-register during the pre-register period before each event.

Start times for 12 September Event:

Pre-registration starts at 1:00PM and ends at 2:00PM. Tourneys begin at 2:00PM.  Please be early so we have time to get you into the brackets and so you have some time to settle in and perhaps play some casuals!

This event will be Ranking Battle (RanBat) for Street Fighter 4 and BlazBlue as well!

We will be using the results and data from these events to have a formal RanBat Leaderboard for Street Fighter 4 and BlazBlue.  Using this data we will track who is overall the best at these games (ranked in order).  We will also keep track of characters used as well. You can work your way up the leaderboard overall or become the best Ryu or the best Hakumen (just examples).  This way you can track your progress as a player depending on how you move up or down in the rankings.  This is just a bonus we’re doing since both games are at every event. So, come for the Fighting Circuit, come to participate in the RanBat, or both! It’s a freaking steal at $10!!


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