USC presents: “Fall Brawl” sponsored by GameStop: Columbia, SC (26 September, 2009)


USC and ACM, together with Gamestop, are throwing a tourney on 26 September at the John E. Swearingen Engineering Center! It will of course have Street Fighter 4, both singles and team tourneys, as well as other fighters such as BlazBlue, Smash Brothers Brawl, and possibly other fighters if there is demand. 

Go to the official thread and pre-register now! We want to rock the turnout for this one! Thread is located here:

This tourney looks like it could be a hot one for Columbia! Here is the tourney discription from the official thread on SRK:

****USC and ACM Presents****

South Carolina’s Biggest Fighter’s Tournament Ever!!!

Sponsored by Gamestop: Power to the Players


The Association of Computing Machinery at University of South Carolina is hosting the biggest tournament South Carolina has ever seen. We are hosting Street Fighter 4, Blazblue, and Smash Bros Brawl (Teams and Singles). If there is a demand we are also considering Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, Any King of Fighter, Any other Smash Bros, or Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus!!!

Really? I Don’t believe you, but just in case when is it?

September 26, 2009 – Registration starts at 11:00, tourneys start at 12:00

Sounds good but where is it?

We will be hosting Fall Brawl in the John E. Swearingen Engineering Center
Located at:
John E. Swearingen Engineering Center
It directly across from:
300 Main St.
Columbia SC, 20201-4152

Wow, that’s a big building!!! What is the cost?

Venue Fee is only $5
Each Tourney will be $5

Well that’s a heck of a price, so what is there crappy prizes?

Well, prizes of each tournament will have a 70/20/10 cash distribution. Gamestop has is also giving gift cards to the winners. *Not sure how much or which tournaments but i will inform you as soon as I find out.*

Wow, cash prizes and Gamestop credit. What do I have to bring?

We ask that you bring your own controller. It is hard to control theft so this make things easier.

BYOC, that seems fair but what are the rules?

The Basic rules are:
These rules apply to all games and are subject to change

The referees can disqualify the player in a round or eject a player from the event for any reason, but here are a few reasons a referee may disqualify or eject a player

*As part of our Carolina Creed, physical threats, racial comments, or inappropriate language and behavior are not acceptable. If you are warned by a referee and are not compliant, you will be disqualified from the tournament. Friendly trash talk is allowed but please be courteous to the other players.

*Frequent game pauses or other “stalling” tactics can result in a disqualification.

*Abuse of equipment (including but not limited to controllers, projectors, TV’s, consoles, etc) will result in the player being disqualified and ejected from the tournament. If equipment is damaged or broken (equipment that includes but is not limited to property of USC, ACM, or of another player) the player will be fined the cost of said equipment.

*If anyone is caught stealing equipment, that person will be ejected from the tournament and the proper authorities will be notified. USC has actual police security with guns and police cars. They will be monitoring the area so please do not do anything illegal or just plain stupid.

*Tampering with or sabotaging equipment will result in the ejection of a player.

*Side line coaching isn’t allowed.

*Turning off the console without permission of the referee will result in a disqualification, and a possible ejection from the tournament.

*If glitches in game play are discovered which gives a player an unfair advantage, the referee has the right to disqualify player(s) that use the glitch and ban the further use of the glitch.

As a side note, there will be no refunds even if the player has been disqualified, ejected, or just feels dissatisfied with their placement in the tournament

Common sense is a good thing, so use it.

We want this to be a fun and fair tournament, and most of all we want all players to have fun.

HakumenI can handle all that, but what are the rules of the games.

(Applicable to all tourneys Except Brawl)
All Teams will be round robin. That means all teams will play all teams for a point system. Ranking will be determined by the points.
All Singles will be double elimination brackets -2/3 Matches 2/3 Rounds
Semi-Finals will be 3/5 matches – 2/3 rounds
Finals will be 5/7 matches – 2/3 rounds
Winners Always Keep Same Character While Losers can change.

Street Fighter 4
All Characters Allowed

No Unlimited Characters
No Easy Specials

Smash Bros Brawl
The following list was created by members of the Smash Back Room (SBR). For version 2.0 discussion took place between January and March. While it is always up to the Tournament Organizers (TO) to determine the rules that best fit their tournaments, we recommend these rules be used as a base guideline to new and experienced TO’s alike.

General rules:

* 3 Stock
* 8 minute timer
* Items are set to “off” and “none”
* All sets with the exception of winner’s finals, loser’s finals, and the championship are best of 3 matches (best of 5 and above should be played out for any “finals” matches)
* In the event of a dispute, controller ports will be selected by Rock-Paper-Scissors
* No player may choose a stage they have already won on in that set unless agreed upon by both players.
* In team matches, the ports will be determined in a 1221 fashion; whoever wins the RPS will choose first, then the opposing team will get their ports, and then the teammate of the RPS winner will get the last port.
* If the timer runs out, the victor is determined first by stock and then by percentage.
* Metaknight’s Infinite Cape glitch is banned.
* If a game ends with Bowser doing his suicide klaw and it ends in sudden death, the sudden death will be ignored and that game will count as a win for Bowser.
* You are responsible for your own controller and name tag. Any malfunctions or errors that occur are your responsibility, so bring an extra controller if possible and always check to make sure you’re using the correct settings BEFORE a match is played. If a match is to be restarted due to controller functions, it must be agreed upon by both parties.
* Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (i.e., freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in a forfeit of that match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character, and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects.
* Stalling is banned.

Stalling: The act of deliberately avoiding any and all conflict so that one may make the game unplayable. Running away from an opponent to reach a better position is not stalling, while doing an infinite grab endlessly against a wall is. Any infinite chain grabs must end quickly after 300% has been reached so as to prevent excessive stalling.

Set format (In Order of Procedure):
1. Opponents choose their characters for the first match *
2. Opponents start the stage striking procedure
3. Each player may announce one stage to be banned for counterpicks of the set
4. The first game is played, using the stage chosen during step 2
5. The loser of the previous match announces the next match’s stage from either the Starter Stage List or the Counter Stage List
6. The winner of the previous match chooses their character
7. The loser of the previous match chooses their character
8. Repeat steps 5-7 for all proceeding matches
*Double blind character selection may be called for the first match

Stage Lists

TOs must move stages from the starter/counterpick into either the starter or counterpick categories and must move stages from counterpick/banned into either the counterpick or banned categories.

Stages in the Starter/Counter and Counter/Banned list did not receive 2/3 majority, indicating no consensus could be reached on the stage.

The SBR Recommended rule list uses the stage striking system. In this system, players take turns striking stages from the starter list until only one remains; these stages are not banned and can be counterpicked later in the set. There must be an odd number of starter stages. There are up to 8 stages available for stages striking under the SBR stage list (4 in starter, 4 in starter/counter). We recommend as a TO that you decide on the ideal number of stages to use for striking at your tournaments (3, 5, 7).

Final Destination
Yoshi’s Island

Castle Siege
Lylat Cruise
Pokémon Stadium 1

Delfino (moved from S/C)
Frigate Orpheon
Jungle Japes
Pirate Ship
Pokémon Stadium 2
Rainbow Cruise

Distant Planet (moved from C)
Green Greens
Luigi’s Mansion (moved from C)
Port Town Aero Dive
Yoshi’s Island (Pipes) (moved from C)
Norfair (moved from C)

Big Blue
Bridge of Eldin
Corneria (moved from C)
Flat Zone 2
Green Hill Zone (moved from C)
Hyrule Temple
Mario Bros.
Mario Circuit (moved from C/B)
Mushroomy Kingdom I
Mushroomy Kingdom II
New Pork City
Onett (moved from C/B)
Rumble Falls
Shadow Moses
Skyworld (moved from C/B)
Spear Pillar
The Summit
Wario Ware

Additional Rules for Doubles Play

* Life Stealing is allowed

* Set team attack to ON

* Hanenbow may be moved from Ban to Counterpick for Doubles

Ok… Ok… How to I contact you for questions, suggestions, preregistration, just to thank you for this event?

You can PM or post a new message on this forum of course.
You can also email me at
You can even call or text me at 803-477-6498!!!
I am more that willing to answer any questions or concerns or to update you on any information. Hope to see everyone there.

Special Announcement!!!

We are sending a special invitation to all of Columbia, Charleston, Greensville, Myrtle Beach, Sumter, and Anderson. Georgia and North Carolina have no chance in South Carolina!!!! Let’s show them why!!!!


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