Quantum X “Social Fight” Gathering: Simpsonville, SC (26 September, 2009)


Quantum X Game Center in Simpsonville, SC (Upstate) is hosting a gathering for anybody who wants to play fighting games.  There aren’t any “official” tourneys at this event.  It’s a time for fighting fans to get together in one place, play matches against one another in any number of fighting games, work on and talk strategies with one another, and in general to get to meet and to play against new players.  Just because there aren’t any planned tourneys doesn’t mean they can’t happen though. It’s easy to throw together mini-tourneys in any number of games or, if it’s your thing, even get some money matches on.  Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue, Soul Calibur 4, and UFC: Undisputed are just some of the fighters that will be there.  If I can personally be there, I’ll be sure to bring SSFII: HD Remix, Marvel vs Capcom 2, KOFXII, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Samurai Showdown Anthology and Guilty Gear XX: Accent Core Plus.  Quantum Game Center has Xbox 360s, PS3s, and Wiis, so system is not an issue for this event.  Some of my friends who went to the last G-Vegas, held at this venue, told me it was very nice!

The event starts at 11:00AM on Saturday and will run until 5:00PM.  There is a $10 venue fee per player, but that’s a pretty sweet price as you are getting 6 hours of fighting.  There aren’t any prizes but, once again, money matches aren’t just allowed, they are encouraged!

The next G-Vegas Beatdown (scheduled for November) is planned to be held at this venue (just like the one held recently) and this event will also test some planned improvements for that upcoming event.  They are hoping to have 100 or more players! So if you want to be part of that, it is a good idea to come down, get to know where this venue is, get used to its setups, and so forth. There are just too many reasons to come to this, so if you don’t have a prior obligation, just do it!

The official thread for the “Social Fight” on SRK is here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=206865

Quantum Game Center’s website can be found at: http://www.quantumxgc.com/index.html


One Response to Quantum X “Social Fight” Gathering: Simpsonville, SC (26 September, 2009)

  1. Rodney Desjarlais (Avatar2) says:

    I think this is an awesome thing. I can’t wait to go, to meet some of the players from upstate, and to perhaps get to learn how to play games like Guilty Gear, and MvC2 from people who know how to play well. Get hype!

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