Calling all Tekken fans! Prepare for battle!


This is a call to all Tekken fans to begin preparing for combat!  As you know, Tekken 6 is just over a month away (it releases on October 27 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360) and it is sure to be huge!  Not only are we excited about the game, but it’s exciting to see what it will do for the fighting game community here in our state.

I’m certain that there are a ton of Tekken fans out there who are just waiting for this game’s release.  It is almost assured that after Tekken 6 releases that it will be featured in most tourneys.  It’s exciting because we suspect that a lot of Tekken players who would not come out for, say, Street Fighter 4 or any of the current 2D fighters being offered a tourneys lately will decide to show up to show support for Tekken 6.

The purpose of this post is to let you know that Tekken 6 will be featured in most fighting game tournaments here in South Carolina and is sure to be the case in neighboring states if you are a tourney player willing to travel.  It might be a good idea, if you have not done so already, to break out your copy of Tekken 5 and brush up.  This way you will likely have an advantage over many players who will come out to the initial Tekken 6 tourneys.

Your coming out to support the game at tournaments is very important.  While this game will surely be in almost every tournament soon after it’s release, its continued prominence in tourneys will all depend on support from players.  So come out to tourneys to show your Tekken prowess and continue to come out to them when you can.  Don’t let this game fade like Soul Calibur 4 has.

Until then, get your friends talking Tekken again.  Get playing Tekken again if you aren’t already doing so.  Get on those Tekken forums and get the buzz working. Plan on coming out to the tournaments.  Stay tuned to this blog, as it will give Tekken related tourney information.  See you there.  Just go easy on me.


2 Responses to Calling all Tekken fans! Prepare for battle!

  1. Rodney Desjarlais (Avatar2) says:

    I’ve hated Tekken for a long time. I was always a Virtua Fighter fan. However, Tekken 6 looks ridiculously good in so many ways. I can’t wait to get this game!

  2. Dwaine Simmons(Award Tour) says:

    I probably will still like VF better but i’ll give Tekken a chance.

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