Charleston Results (22 August, 2009): Midlands vs Low Country 5 on 5, SF4 and BlazBlue

The Charleston event is over and the results are in!  Players from both Midlands and Coastal (Low Country) South Carolina represented themselves well.  Big thanks go to every player who came out to the event.  The excitement and hype at this event, especially during the 5 on 5, was truly epic.  A huge thanks goes out to Josh (Icege) who did most of the work putting this together, to all the players from both regions for putting on an awesome spectacle, to all the supporters who came out to cheer their teams on, and to Play-N-Trade in Charleston for letting us get loud and crazy in their store. Now for my impressions of each of the events:

Midlands vs Low Country 5 on 5

Josh (Icege) and myself were talking about putting together a 5 on 5 event between our respective regions for a while now and it finally happened.  It was well worth it.  It was a round robin format where every player plays against each other once and the winning team is determined by number of overall wins.  Charleston has a reputation for having a small but rock solid player base while the Midlands is viewed (my personal impression) as something of a young but rapidly growing upstart. 

It started with team Midands sending forward Xavier (Daedalus) (who played mostly Balrog), a tourney rookie even by Columbia standards but whose talent was obvious immediately, against each of the Team Low Country players in succession.  Xavier defeated 4 out of the 5 members of Team Low Country, only losing to Josh’s (Icege) Abel.  Players from the Charleston side were quiet and stoic as they watched the matches while supporters of Team Midlands cheered the great start.  Charleston showed their experience and resolve however and slowly and steadily worked their way back into the fight.  Team Low Country eventually took the lead and then the situation reversed, with players and supporters of Team Midlands quieted.  Team Low Country sealed the victory with the necessary 13 out of 25 matches with 4 matches remaining to be played.  With victory achieved and the Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue and King of Fighters XII singles tourneys looming, the remaining matches were not played.

The final score was Team Low Country with 13 points and Team Midlands with 8.

Breakdown by Josh (Icege): “Lowcountry/Peedee 13 – 8 Midlands
Breakdown: Xavier starts first, uses straight Boxer. Beats Stranger (Ryu), Bigpaulll (Blanka), SonGohanX (Ryu), loses to Icege (Abel), then beats ThaHungryWolf (C. Viper). Stranger goes next, playing Ryu, and beats Tak (Dictator), AwardTour (Rufus), Hi-Tekk (Akuma), before losing to DrHat (Vega). The score at this point is 5-4 Midlands. Next is Tak who beats Paul before losing to SonGohanX (Blanka), Icege, and ThaHungryWolf (Boxer). Paul goes next and beats AwardTour before losing to Hi-Tekk and DrHat. AwardTour runs the gauntlet next and loses to SonGohanX, Icege, and ThaHungryWolf. At this point the score was 11-8 Lowcountry. SonGohanX then beat Hi-Tekk and DrHat to secure the W. Midlands concedes the final 4 matches between Icege/ThaHungryWolf and Hi-Tekk/DrHat so that we can finally get singles started!”

The whole 5 on 5 event was recorded by Shinobixtc from Charleston.  He even recorded a commentary introduction and took both pre-fight and after-fight interviews with both teams and added it to the match footage.  It was incredibly professional stuff and impressed everybody a great deal. These were not pre-arranged questions but it seems like it! So view the first of the 6 videos embedded here and check out the rest at his YouTube channel at:

Street Fighter IV, King of Fighters XII and BlazBlue Singles Tourney Results:

Team Low Country might have defeated Team Midlands in the 5 on 5 event but Midlands players were very strong in the singles tourneys.  Midlands dominated BlazBlue, taking 1st through 5th place! Midlands also did well in Street Fighter IV taking 2 out of the top 3 (including first place, which visibly shocked some Charleston onlookers when they heard).  Here are the results for all singles tourneys as provided by Josh (Icege):

1. Xavier
2. ThaHungryWolf
3. Tak
4. Stranger
5. AwardTour
5. Icege
7. SonGohanX
7. shinobixtc
9. DrHat
9. romevjr
9. Glacial
9. Hi-Tekk
13. Keyon
13. Ben
13. Avatar2
13. SimpleKiss
17. Bigpaulll

1. Keyon
2. Xavier
3. Jam’s Legs
4. Tak
5. DrHat
5. SonGohanX
7. Glacial
7. Icege
9. AwardTour
9. Kloud
9. duffey
9. ThaHungryWolf
13. SimpleKiss

1. ThaHungryWolf
2. Icege
3. AwardTour
4. Chris Wilson
5. JoshAdams


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