GVegas Beatdown 4: Back to Schooled: Greenville, SC (30 August, 2009)



Phillip “filldoh” Raimondo

Quantum X
Summerville, SC

Following Tourney Instructions as written in the official thread by Filldoh:

Well it is time for another GVegas Beatdown this time right around school starting. The last turnout was great with over 75 people showing up and a great final between Arthur Korous & Lobo. Arthur pulled out the win and took home over $300 but can he do it a second time? This is also going to be the first Greenville tournament with BlazBlue.

First thing the Venue, with the closing of LFG we have decided on a new venue and the place is perfect for tournaments. The location is called Quantum X in Simpsonville SC. This is a Lan Center that is very spread out and is going to give us alot more room than in previous tourneys. You can view pictures of there location on their website www.quantumxgc.com/

Driving Directions can be found here http://quantumxgc.com/4.html
For the tourneys this time everything will have a $10 entry fee($7.50 in the pot,$2.50 to the house) fee but unlike in the past there will be no door fee.

There will be 6 games this time

3rd Strike (PS2)
Blazblue(XBox 360)
SC4 (Xbox 360)
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix(Xbox 360)
SF4 (Xbox 360)

Registration will be at 12:00pm with the tournament schedule to be

1:00pm BlazeBlue, GGAC, 3rd Strike
Around 2:00pm SC4, STHD
Around 3:00 SF4

We will have 4-6 tvs running SF4 at the end so even though it will be the biggest it should go fast.

Rules (same as Final Round)

This is a B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Controller/converter or Joystick) tournament for all of the console games. You are responsible for your equipment and we will not supply anyone with a controller or converter at this tournament for any console tournament.
If you hit the start button or a malfunction in your equipment happens during a match that makes the game pause or reset during a tournament match, get the head judge in charge of running that tournament to decide what will happen next for that match. Replays are automatic if it’s at the beginning of the match and you have played 5-10 seconds in the game with no one having an advantage in the match. It’s not my problem if YOUR STICK malfunctions during a tournament.

Street Fighter IV (Singles/Teams)
Game Version: Xbox

* Winner keeps the same character – the loser can choose a new character.
* All characters are tournament legal!

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Game Version: PS2 American

* No EX, gold, shadow, or any other alternate characters allowed
* Button mapping for RC, Burst, etc. IS allowed
* Winner keeps the same character – the loser can change characters

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger
Game Version: Xbox360

* Winner keeps the same character – the loser can change characters

Super Street Fighter II Turbo
Game Version: Xbox 360

* Winner keeps the same character – the loser can change characters

Soul Calibur 4
Game Version: Xbox 360

* NO bonus characters allowed
* NO custom characters
* Yoda and Agol are BANNED
* Random stage select ONLY
* Winner keeps the same character – the loser may choose another character
* Default damage/time
* Button mapping allowed
* Camera altering glitces are BANNED

3rd Strike
Game Version PS2
Gill is banned

3rd strike, STHD, and SF4 will all be best 2 out of 3 rounds.
GGAC, BB, and SC4 will all be best 3 out of 5 rounds.
All tournaments will be Double Elimination best 2/3 matches, 3/5 semi-finals, 3/5 Finals.

Also last thing please put what equipment you can bring
the only things we need

TV’S, you never can have enough
PS2’s need a total of 4
SF4 for 360(4 more copies)
BB for 360(4 more copies)
everything else will be provided by the store.

Thanks alot guys and I look forward to seeing you all here again.

Pre-Register for this tourney (or ask questions) at the official SRK thread located at: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=202074


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