Early Tourney Impressions and Results for the Play-N-Trade Street Fighter 4 and BlazBlue Tourney in Columbia, SC (25 July)

U-Volt, who helped to run the tourney, posted some early first impressions of the tourney on SRK. 43 players in Columbia, SC?? The scene here is just blowing up! Here are his comments!:

The PlayNTrade tournament went great tonight. Besides a few small technical glitches, I feel very satisfied in the quality of this tourney. The total turnout was a whopping 43 people, breaking Columbia’s record. Thanks to all for bearing with the cramped environment, and for all being good sportsmen. Also for bearing with me running the brackets for the first time. My stress level was at an all time high between the brackets and competing, and it showed in my performance, but I’m still mad hype about tonight. Without further ado, here’s the top 3 in each game!

Street Fighter 4
1. Druseph (Honda/Boxer)
2 Kidd (Gen(!))
3. Xavier Edwards (Boxer)

1. Keyon (Litchi)
2. Jacob (Tager)
3. Yohan (Jin)

A few key points before I collapse for the rest of the weekend….
Augusta represented like crazy again! I believe all 4 from Augusta placed top 5 in SF4, including Druseph and Kidd taking the top 2 spots. And Yohan placed 3rd in BlazBlue. I didn’t get to see any BlazBlue action b/c of running brackets, so hopefully you guys will post your impressions of the players, but I have a few props for the SF4 guys….

Druseph, you looked dominant as usual. Good, solid, smart games today dude. Hope to have you back soon to defend your title! Fear the SUMO!

Kidd….holy effin crap. Your Gen is amazing, period. It was awesome getting peaced out by you believe it or not lol. Can’t wait to play you online, and learn that matchup even better….but regardless of people being uncomfortable with the bearded one….you beasted son.

Xavier….This was the first time anyone here had met this guy, as it was his first tourney and he stomped through it taking 3rd. Also had quite possibly the best match of the night against Druseph in winner’s finals. Glad you could make it out, can’t wait to play some Rog mirror matches with ya. Welcome to the crew!

Also, all you Sumter cats I met for the first time couldn’t have been cooler dudes. And mr. Tremanifrets….your Seth is beastly!! Hope to have you guys back soon, for casuals or otherwise.

I could go on, but I’ll stop here. Again, GG’s all! Expect a full writeup on the blog https://sctourney.wordpress.com/ at the beginning of the week, including the full list of winners. Thanks again guys for bearin with me….I’m gonna go hibernate until Monday!!


2 Responses to Early Tourney Impressions and Results for the Play-N-Trade Street Fighter 4 and BlazBlue Tourney in Columbia, SC (25 July)

  1. Rodney Desjarlais (Avatar2) says:

    That’s just amazing. Great job! Thanks to U-Volt and to Brian at Play-N-Trade for making this happen!

  2. Bushido X says:

    Really wish I could’ve been there to help represent Cola. But congrats to everyone that showed up to help make this the biggest tournament so far.

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