D’Avino’s Speaks Out on Last Columbia Tourney and Future Events!


This comment from Bob Hawks from D’Avino’s was made under the tourney results post, but in my opinion it just had to be shared because we do not want it to be overlooked.  We’ll work with them on details on getting more events for fighting games with them, as the last one was so fun.  Here’s what they had to say:

I don’t think either me or Richie anticipated the wave of support we would get for this thing, and it is decidedly welcome. We’d love to hear any comments, questions, or suggestions you’d like to make! And as you know, there will certainly be more tournaments at D’avino’s in the future.

If any of you want it, I have a play-by-play typed up and can send it to anybody that would like it, or I can post it up here if you all don’t mind. In the end, these were the victors:

1st Place: Matt Seifer – 15 wins, 3 losses, quickest killtime 24 seconds.
2nd Place: John Bonomolo – 12 wins, 3 losses, quickest killtime 27 seconds.
3rd Place: Namboohyun “Boo” – 10 wins, 7 losses, quickest killtime 26 seconds.
4th Place: Travis Qualls – 9 wins, 8 losses, quickest killtime 30 seconds.
Honorable Mention to Juan Cosme with the fastest killtime of 22 seconds, which he achieved TWICE in the tourney His record was 7 wins, 5 losses.

We have pictures, we are just getting them printed – once that’s done there will be a nice framed portrait of Mr. Seifer standing in front of his victorious Balrog screen at the pizzeria. We will certainly post them here as well once we get the photos back.
In the meantime, though, if you all want to keep posted on what we’re doing for tournaments, send us an e-mail at davinosarcadetournaments@live.com and I’ll put you on the mailer. We’ll send out an e-mail bimonthly to keep everyone updated on what’s happening for our tourneys. To let you all know, as well, this is what we’re planning for the near future:

August 9th: Pac-Man Championship Edition
September 13th: UFC Undisputed
October 11th: Madden 2010
November 8th: Mario Kart Wii
December 6th: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

These are the set dates for those tourneys, and we have a whole year’s worth of games planned. However, I’m not going to set dates here for the rest because we’re waiting to see how attendance goes up until Christmastime. I will tell you what we’re planning into 2010, however:
NCAA Basketball 2010, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Tekken 6, Punch Out Wii, Soul Calibur 4, and finally Halo 3.

There will be an entrance fee for these tournaments so that we can fund prizes in the future – it’s $5 for each individual tourney, or you can buy a series ticket for $20 and play in all the tournaments you’d like. The benefit of this is, of course, that we can afford better things for the participants – 100% of the funds we raise for entrance fees go to fund the tournament itself. It’s our hope (hope, mind you, all of this depends on participation) that we can have a grand prize of $100 cash to each tournament’s winner.

If the tournaments go over well, we will probably move them up from once a month to once every few weeks. And furthermore, since we seem to have gotten a lot of fervor for fighting games, Richie has proposed that we set up an entirely new, second circuit that focuses just on fighting games. We’re still working on this, but we’ll probably have something workable by the time we finish the Pac-Man tournament.
I’m just speculating right now, but what Richie has said to me that he wants to do is set up this circuit inbetween all the other tourneys that we’ve already scheduled. They’ll be played on fighters – he’s agreed on games like Marvel vs. Capcom, BlazBlue, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, and so on. Finally, this will be set up as a tourney point system, so that over the course of the tournament season a player will accumulate points as he or she wins matches across all the games – whoever has the most points by the end of the season will get some kind of awesome prize. As an example, say Matt Seifer got, oh, 15 points for his 15 wins in SF4. On his next tourney, he gets only 7 wins, and so gets another 7 points, and on the next one he gets 10 wins for 10 more points. Over those three tourneys, he gets a total of 22 points, and if that’s the highest number any single player has gotten throughout the season, he’ll win something awesome. Anyways, we still need to work this out, but it’s a start. And if you have suggestions, let us know!

Well guys, I think I’ve ranted enough. Thank you for making this tournament awesome, both for yourselves and for us, and we look forward to seeing every one of you at the next one!!


14 Responses to D’Avino’s Speaks Out on Last Columbia Tourney and Future Events!

  1. rodneydesjarlais says:

    The last event was awesome. That venue is perfect and actually has room for between 4 and 6 game setups if we wanted to.

    I am loving the idea of the RanBat (ranking battle for the new guys) system for fighting game tourneys there.

  2. U-Volt says:

    I agree with Rodney. Awesome venue, awesome people. It’s exciting that you guys are into putting these tournaments together. I just feel sorry for the poor souls that have to see me in a framed picture when their trying to eat their pizza!

  3. SimpleKiss says:

    More tournaments NAO!

  4. Bob Hawks says:

    Hey again guys! Here are some additional updates about the tournaments that we are doing at D’avino’s:

    Once we get to December, we are NOT going to move up the tournaments to do them more often; instead, Richie has decided to create an entirely new tournament circuit dedicated to fighting games that will be played in the off periods between the normal D’avino’s Arcade Tournaments. The first of these fighting game tourneys (we have yet to decide on a slick name for these, unfortunately 😦 ) will be held on August 23rd, 2009, inbetween the Pac-Man and UFC tournaments, so that starting in August you should have a tourney from D’avino’s once every 2-3 weeks for the next year!

    These are the games that we have decided on putting into this second circuit, not necessarily in order:

    Soul Calibur IV (This will be the first game, to be played on August 23rd 2009).
    Virtua Fighter IV
    Dead or Alive IV
    King of Fighters XII
    Street Fighter IV
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl
    Tekken VI
    Guilty Gear XX
    Capcom vs. SNK
    Samurai Showdown V
    Marvel vs. Capcom II

    If any of y’all have a question about one of these or a recommendation for a better game, let me know.

    This will work virtually identically to the entry into the normal D’avino’s Arcade Tournaments, with a single difference. Unlike the normal tourneys, the entrance fee to a single fighting tournament will be $6, or a ticket for a whole year’s worth of play will be $30 (The normal prices are $5 per single tourney, and $20 for a year). The reasons for this are basically that the normal tournaments are made for casual players, using games that appeal to a broad spectrum (like Pac-Man and Mario Kart); we do not expect many people to buy season-wide tickets. Furthermore those tournaments will not have a season-wide ranking system requiring that we provide additional prizes in addition to the normal ones we’re providing for the individual tourneys.
    The fighting game tournaments, on the other hand, will probably be frequented by multiple repeat players, and we want to give out something awesome to the highest ranked player at the end of the season. Thus, unfortunately, we need a little bit more cash flow coming in. If you would like to participate in every tournament in both series, however, a ticket will only cost $40 (instead of $20 for the Arcade Tourneys and $30 for the Fighting game ones).
    If you would like to preregister for any tournament or if you want to go ahead and sign up for the Soul Calibur IV one, you can register at the shop in the sign-up book on the table next to the drink machine, or you can do so online by sending us an e-mail at davinosarcadetournaments@live.com. Richie will have tickets printed up by the end of the week, both for individual tourneys and for the season passes. I would recommend that you keep these on you, but once you’ve bought the ticket(s) we’ll keep a record of who is signed in for what tourney just in case you lose it. You may need to show us your ID, but that would be it.

    For the entire season, we will rank players based on their performance in each tourney. Essentially, the number of victorious matches you get will be the number of “points” you earn for participating in that tournament. When the season is concluded, we will have prizes for the players with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest number of points. We’ll post results for each tourney up here and provide it in our bulletin and e-mailers, so that you can always see where you stand on the leaderboard in relation to the other players prior to a new tournament. Understand though that you will only earn points for tournaments within the Fighting Game series; if say you win 10 matches of UFC, that’s awesome, but it will not count towards your yeartime total because it is in a different series.

    Teams are awesome, and it will be great to see people show up to the tourneys to strut not just their own stuff, but their team’s stuff as well. I’m going to speak to Richie about this, but I think we may be able to offer discounted tickets to you if you sign up as a team (with possibly higher discounts for a bigger team), and in addition that would be a great way to give out additional stuff at the tourneys – best team of the tourney, and most winning team of the season, and so on.

    Additional stuff:
    I know that I want to have a Guitar Hero/Rock Band tourney; at some point we will probably see if we can set that up. There will probably be other tournaments that we choose to host throughout the year as well. We’ll try to keep everyone posted on any changes, but if you want to know what’s going on at the tourneys, email us at davinosarcadetournaments@live.com, give us a call at 731-4838, or just head on up to the store and speak to us. We’ll tell you all what we know. Furthermore we’ll have a Facebook account up on the tournaments soon, just so that you won’t have to log into anything.
    If any of you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask us. And I guess Columbia does have a regular fighting game circuit now. >:) We hope to see all of you at the Pac-Man and Soul Calibur tourneys!

  5. Bob Hawks says:

    Just so you all can have it for your records:
    Here’s the play-by-play with each competitor and their subsequent matches in the Street Fighter IV tournament at D’avino’s Pizzeria, Jull 11th 2009 (I have each round with the victor and how quickly they defeated their opponent):

    Preliminary Round:
    1st Match – Travis Qualls 3/Richie Magnolia 2: (No killtimes).
    Victor: Travis Qualls (3/2)
    2nd Match – Juan Torez/Josh English: Josh, 38 sec; Juan, 36 sec; Juan, 39 sec; Josh, 37 sec; Juan, 27 sec.
    Victor: Juan Torez (3/2)
    3rd Match – Caesare Moses/Herlan Blissett: Herlan, 32 sec; Herlan, 33 sec; Herlan, 42 sec.
    Victor: Herlan Blissett (3/0)
    4th Match – William Ridgeway/Joshua Adams: William, 59 sec; William, 26 sec; William, 46 sec.
    Victor: William Ridgeway (3/0)
    5th Match – Mario L/Keegan Saulor: Mario, 31 sec; Mario, 33 sec; Mario, 35 sec.
    Victor: Mario L (3/0)
    6th Match – Jesus Muino/Ramsey Thompson: Rhamsey, 42 sec; Rhamsey, 45 sec; Rhamsey, 43 sec.
    Victor: Rhamsey Thompson (3/0)
    7th Match – Tank Frazier/John Bonomolo: John, 34 sec; John, 53 sec; John, 31 sec. (3/0)
    Victor: John Bonomolo
    8th Match – Mike Sudduth/Chris Cathy: Chris, 50 sec; Chris, 48 sec; Mike, 41 sec; Chris, 38 sec.
    Victor: Chris Cathy (3/1)
    9th Match – Terrence Evans/John Pading: John, 44 sec; Terrence, 35 sec; John, 32 sec; John, 30 sec.
    Victor: John Pading (3/1)
    10th Match – Khalid Dass/Namboohyun “Boo”: Boo, 32 sec; Boo, 42 sec; Boo, 27 sec.
    Victor: Boo (3/0)
    11th Match – Kyle Dass/Rodney Desjarlais: Rodney, 35 sec; Rodney, 42 sec; Rodney, 37 sec.
    Victor: Rodney Desjarlais (3/0)
    12th Match – Dane Chauchan/Juan Cosme: Juan, 32 sec; Juan, 29 sec; Juan, 22 sec
    Victor: Juan Cosme (3/0, Fastest Killtime!)
    13th Match – Matt Seifer/Richjon Acey “AC”: AC, 60 sec; Matt, 39 sec; Matt, 60 sec; Matt, 73 sec.
    Victor: Matt Seifer (3/1)

    Second Tier:
    1st Match – Travis Qualls (3/2)/Juan Torez (3/2): Travis, 42 sec; Travis, 35 sec; Juan, 32 sec; Travis, 43 sec.
    Victor: Travis Qualls (6/3)
    2nd Match – Herlan Blissett (3/0)/William Ridgeway (3/0): William, 32 sec; William, 42 sec; Herlan, 42 sec; William, 35 sec.
    Victor: William Ridgeway (6/1)
    3rd Match – Mario L (3/0)/Rhamsey Thompson (3/0): Mario, 42 sec; Rhamsey, 30 sec; Rhamsey, 26 sec; Rhamsey, 41 sec.
    Victor: Rhamsey Thompson (6/1)
    4th Match – Chris Cathy (3/1)/John Bonomolo (3/0): John, 40 sec; John, 37 sec; John, 43 sec.
    Victor: John Bonomolo (6/0)
    5th Match – Boo (3/0)/John Pading (3/1): Boo, 39 sec; John, 35 sec; John, 40 sec; Boo, 32 sec; Boo, 54 sec.
    Victor: Boo (6/2)
    6th Match – Rodney Desjarlais (3/0)/Juan Cosme (3/0): Juan, 49 sec; Rodney, 32 sec; Rodney, 48 sec; Juan, 22 sec; Juan 48 sec.
    Victor: Juan Cosme (6/2, tied fastest killtime again!)
    7th Match – Matt Seifer (3/1)/Eric Brunson (no record): Matt, 52 sec; Matt, 38 sec; Matt, 49 sec.
    Victor: Matt Seifer (6/1)

    1st Match – Travis Qualls (6/3)/William Ridgeway (6/1): Travis, 38 sec; Travis, 46 sec; William, 52 sec; Travis, 42 sec.
    Victor: Travis Qualls (9/4)
    2nd Match – John Bonomolo (6/0)/Rhamsey Thompson (6/1): John, 40 sec; John, 42 sec; John, 42 sec.
    Victor: John Bonomolo (9/0)
    3rd Match – Matt Seifer (6/1)/Juan Cosme (6/2): Matt, 45 sec; Matt, 28 sec; Juan, 36 sec; Matt, 52 sec.
    Victor: Matt Seifer (9/2)

    1st Match – Travis Qualls (9/4)/John Bonomolo (9/0): John, 51 sec; John, 31 sec; John, 27 sec.
    Victor: John Bonomolo (12/0)
    2nd Match – Boo (6/2)/Matt Seifer (9/2): Boo, 59 sec; Matt, 58 sec; Matt, 41 sec; Matt, 32 sec.
    Victor: Matt Seifer (12/3)

    Travis Qualls (9/7)/Boo (7/5): Travis, 37 sec; Boo, 26 sec; Travis, 41 sec; Boo, 32 sec; Boo, 40 sec.
    Victor: Boo (10/7)

    John Bonomolo (12/0)/Matt Seifer (12/3): Matt, 24 sec, Matt, 42 sec; Matt, 27 sec.
    Victor: Matt (15/3)

  6. rodneydesjarlais says:

    I love this idea, Bob and Richie! However, I have a few suggestions.

    I sent the first suggestion via email just now. We should have SF4 be at every event. It should be SF4 plus one other game on that list.

    Secondly I looked over the list. Some of those games in my opinion should be dumped for several reasons. Some of those games arent’ being played anymore or are obsolete.

    I think Dead or Alive 4, for instance, is obsolete. It looks horrible IMO and I’m not even sure if there’s any interest in that game anymore. I could be wrong of course.

    Actually I agree with the rest. They look good in my opinion. I love that games like Samurai Showdown and Capcom vs SNK are in there. It gives me an excuse to really learn those games!!

  7. Hi-Tekk says:

    Bob & Richie,

    hey guys thanks for all your effort and ideas of wanting to build a solid fighting gaming community here in Columbia! My only response is that I agree with Rodney and that we should do SF 4 along with another game (like BlazBlue) for the separate fighting circuit. I think SF 4 would be good because of well… I don’t really need explain that. But BlazBlue would be good because of it being a popular and quick to pick up and play game that also has the eye candy to catch others people attention. Not to mention, it’s still only three weeks old so really everyone is still getting the hang of it!

  8. U-Volt says:


    I agree with Rodney on the game selection, and would like to add that some of the games listed aren’t the most recent iterations. The corrections should be Virtua Fighter 5, Capcom VS SNK 2, Guilty Gear Accent Core, and Samurai Showdown 6. And yes, SF4 should be at every tourney.

    Also, I’m not sure I read it right, but are you saying that each game counts towards your point totals for the season? For example, if I only played SF4, would I get beat in points by someone that played all of the fighting games? I personally think SF4 should have its own ranking system. The rest should be combined.

    This is such awesome news….I’m stoked for it as I’m sure the rest of this budding community is. Thanks for the interest, and we’ll be seeing you soon!

  9. U-Volt says:

    OH, one more thing! You D’Avinos guys should sign up for the forums at http://www.shoryuken.com. That’s where all of us post, in the Columbia thread, on a regular basis. Here’s the link to the Columbia thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=194066 . Don’t forget this blog though, its still the go-to for the scene IMO 🙂 .

  10. Bob Hawks says:

    Hey guys!

    I’m going to speak to Richie today about adding SF4 into each tourney. There are some issues with this, mostly in terms of logistics – when running two games, how many points do we give people for playing each one (do we weigh them or not if someone doesn’t play one of the games?), and their are time restraint issues for us as well, which could keep people that are ranked on either game from being able to get into all their matches. The big thing, however, is that we really wanted one game to be the highlight of each individual tourney; by doing that, whoever wound up getting the best record at the end of the season would not be the best player of a single fighting game, but the best player of ALL those fighting games. And that’s something really worth recognition, and, well, reward 🙂


    I’m not discounting it, by any means. Richie LOVES SF4, and it’s his decision, after all. I will keep everyone posted!

    As for the rest of your comments:
    Rodney, you’re right about DOA IV – I sent you an e-mail, and we’ll see about changing that one.
    U-Volt, you’re correct on the updates for those games as well. That was my fault for the Virtua Fighter; I had meant to put up Virtua Fighter V to begin with. 😛 Still, we’ll change all of those games to the ones you recommended. 🙂

    Also U-Volt, I signed up a company account to Shoryuken; if any of you see FortressX, that’s me 🙂 Once the second circuit starts up, I will see about keeping a leaderboard posted there for your use, and if we need online signups, I might use that as well.

    Thx guys! I’ll tell you what I find out!

  11. Bob Hawks says:

    Oh, and also – the pics you already have are the only ones that I have 😦 Sorry that I don’t have anything more for you – next tourney we’ll have a digital camera and a ninja to take pictures >:)

  12. SimpleKiss says:

    I’d say scoring people on their individual games would be the best, and at the end of the year, give an ‘overall’ ranking to people.

    My e-mail address is jtb03980@gmail.com. I can bring my x-box and a tv to help organize if we need other stuff. I have SF4 and Blazblue that I can set-up if you guys need someone to help organize a little bit or otherwise contribute.

    my other suggestion would be to make weekly Sf4 ranbats independent of your hosted tournaments if at all possible. Perhaps on slow business days and such (I’m not an employee there, so I don’t know.)

    All just suggestions.

  13. U-Volt says:

    Cool deal, thanks for responding Bob.

    The only problem I see with judging people on all fighting games at once, is that the community is commonly divided between 3D fighter players, and 2D fighter players. The odd thing is though, EVERYONE plays SF4 right now. That’s why I think making SF4 the main event, and then having a separate fighting series which includes every other game, would be a great idea. In the end, its Richie’s call, though, and we are appreciative of whatever choice he makes. If he has any questions, though, he can feel free to contact me…. my email is u_volt@yahoo.com .

  14. JaMsLeGs says:

    This sounds really interesting. Some of the games I’m wondering about though like everyone here especially

    Guilty Gear XX, I hope that’s equivalent to Guilty Gear Accent Core lol.

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