Photos section added to Blog

The players concentrate on the match at hand while everybody senses the camera's presence.The photos taken by the organizers of the D’avino’s Street Fighter 4 Tourney which took place on 11 July at Dutch Square Mall in Columbia, SC are in.  The pics don’t really represent the very high level of hype and enthusiasm at the event as much as I had hoped.  As soon as they stepped out front of everybody with a camera the mood changed and people got camera shy I suppose.  We need a ninja cameraman.  Get used to some of these faces if you want to go to tourneys in the area as many regulars turned out.  There were many new faces in there as well (some of which I unfortunately did not get a chance to meet) so excuse the lack of some names under the pics.  If you want your name under the caption for a pic where there isn’t one leave a comment and I’ll gladly add it.  This is the first volley of hopefully many tourney and gathering pics showing off South Carolina’s players!


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