Dueling Ground 3: Summer Fighting Fest: Myrtle Beach, SC (11 July 2009) Tourney Results and Battle Report from a Player

blanka-thumbThe results are in for the Dueling Ground 3: Summer Fighting Fest which took place in Myrtle Beach last weekend.  There were 16 players who took part in the tournament.  Columbia rolled into this tournament in-force with almost 10 players.  Between this tournament and the D’Avino’s tournament in Columbia which took place on that same Saturday, almost 45 players showed up at the two respective tourneys!  Who says there’s no scene in South Carolina!??  This tourney also adds more proof that SonGohanX is a major player in South Carolina as he takes the win in yet another Street Fighter 4 tournament. Congrats Justin!  Here are the results!:


Blazblue Teams:
1st – Team Korea (Brandino, John) Noel/Arakune
2nd – Tastes Like Sex (Zack, Daniel) Rachel/Hakumen
3rd – Iron the Bloodedge (SGX, Craig) Ragna/Tager

Blazblue Singles:
1st – Brandino
2nd – Keyon
3rd – SonGohanX

SF4 Singles:
1st – Justin (SonGohanX)
2nd – Dwaine (AwardTour)
3rd – Paul Mcsteezy

Battle Report from CrOwley, one of the players who attended:

“MB tourney was great. Columbia showed up in force. I entered SF4 not expecting much since I haven’t touched it since BB came out. BB Teams started first. I teamed with John from Cola. who plays a pretty beastly Vega. I play Litchi and he plays v-13. We put up some really good fights but don’t get much until our last few fights. BB Teams was round robin, so we knew we didn’t have a shot for the top but we still took 5th, I believe.”

“SF4 tourney starts and I’m one of the first matches. Don’t really remember who I played first, all I know is I was trying to IAD and throw tech with medium punch and fierce punch. BB has made me super rusty. I lose and then proceed to shake off the rust and start playing my Purple Stuff© footsies like a boss throughout losers bracket. I make it to loser’s finals and I run up against AwardTour (Cola. Rufus player) and figured since I’ve played Josh a lot I shouldn’t have too much trouble with this match-up. Matches are really close, going back and forth. But he takes the first final round and we go into the second match. Same thing happens, I made some dumb mistakes and dropped some combos and he played consistently and solid. I’m just stoked I made it as far as I did with absolutely no practice, makes me feel like I had a pretty good chance at taking the whole thing if I had put some time into SF4 lately.”

“BB singles start and I completely blow it. 0 – 2. I’ve learned why Litchi isn’t higher on the tier lists. You drop combos with her, you lose. If someone knows her strings, she gets shut down pretty easily. I love her and will continue to main her, but Jin is probably going to be my tourney character if/when I put more time into him. A few good matches throughout, Brandino (NC Noel) is blasting through everyone and gets to Justin. Brandino takes the first match and Justin decides to pick Arakune (terrible match-up for Noel) and all hell breaks loose. Justin almost gets the win. Brandino throws his stick down and steps away immediately after winning. Brandino probably did this because he assumes Justin has never ever played Arakune before and starts talking about how he’s a BS character and how counter-picking is BS. The finals are Brandino and Keyon(sp?) who also mains Litchi, but was smart enough not to play her at the tourney and played Jin instead. Brandino knows what’s coming. Keyon picks Arakune without even bothering with Jin or Litchi first. The matches are extremely close and Brandon is obviously pissed off during all of it. Brandino takes the final round and wins the BB singles. He definitely deserves it, but I feel like he walked away from it with a bad taste in his mouth for BB now.”

“He took the Arakune stuff way too personal and seemed to just not be comfortable with the match-up to begin with. Granted it’s a terrible match-up for Noel, but he’s not the broken character that he seems to be making him out to be.”

“Besides the stuff at the end, lots of good times and good people. Learned a lot and had a lot of fun. SC is definitely shaping up. Lots of talk about “Less Upstate vs. Midlands vs. Lowcountry and more SC United let’s go *bleep* up some other states” which is awesome, ’cause as far back as I can remember SC has always been more about regions, less about the state as a whole.  Charleston definitely needs to hook up with Columbia more to do tourneys. They have some really good players up there.”


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