D’Avino’s SF4 Tourney: Columbia, SC (11 July, 2009) Early Results and Impressions


Note: Pictures and more detailed results are forthcoming as soon as the organizers send the information to me.

                I’ve only been to five tourneys thus far, but this was the most fun tourney I’ve been to yet.  27 people showed up to throw down on Street Fighter 4 and the hype was high from start to finish! D’Avino’s really was an excellent venue.  There was plenty of space and the setup they provided was the best I’ve played on in a tourney (a very nice and large flat-screen).  Due to the layout and the screen setup, it wasn’t difficult for all of those people to comfortably watch matches.  It was also very nice that we were right there in an eatery, so if we got hungry or thirsty it was right there. 

                I have seen and met about a third of the people that came to this tourney at other venues.  It was a pleasant surprise to see so many new faces!  It really made me wonder how many people would have come to this tourney if the organizers at D’Avinos didn’t happen to schedule it on the same day as Justin’s (SonGohanX) tourney in Myrtle Beach.  We can’t complain too much though.  How many times have we had to worry about scheduling conflicts between multiple South Carolina tourneys?

                There were a lot of amazing matches and virtually all of the players there were good and some were great.  (Disclaimer: Hope I got the names right! I haven’t gotten any official info from D’Avinos yet) Some of the more exciting matches for me personally to watch included the John Pading (Rufus) and Boo (Ryu) matchup which not only was close but also won my award of the show for player hype.  They were jumping out of their chairs and hopping up and down between rounds with excitement!  John’s (SimpleKiss) Ryu was fun to watch and so was Trevis’s Ken.  I’ve seen both players play before in previous tourneys and the progression in their skill was obvious.  I was also impressed with ScNinjaBoy’s Rose for a reason almost nobody in the crowd probably realized.  He put up an exciting match against Matt’s (U-Volt) Balrog.  The reason I’m impressed though is due to the fact that it was his very first time ever using the Madcatz Fight Pad (He borrowed it just before his matchup)! You wouldn’t have known it from seeing that match, however.  Rahjon’s (Hi-Tekk) Akuma showed amazing mastery of focus attacks against U-Volt and was fun to watch! Juan’s Sagat tore through the competition before finally getting bested by U-Volt in the semi-finals.  Juan took me out in the second round in a match that was so exciting for me to play that I was still satisfied even after walking away with a loss. He earned that win for sure!

                To me though, despite all the great matches that were played, the thing that really impressed me most about this tourney was the hype.  I don’t think more than a handful of people left until it was all over.  Everybody was really into the action and were all great sports.  Every match concluded with a round of applause and cheers.  Some of the big moments of the tourney, including John P. and Boo’s hype and my pulling off a Blanka counter-Ultra to Juan’s Sagat Ultra, really had the place full of excitement.  It was amazing to be a part of.

                The star of the whole show was Matt (U-Volt), whose Balrog play was just beastly throughout the tourney.  I play against Matt all the time and know him to be a fantastic player, but he put his best Balrog out there during the tourney.  There were players who certainly didn’t make it easy but Matt truly deserved his first tourney win! Great job Matt!

                There were a few other highlights of this tourney as well.  The guys at D’Avinos who ran the event really put on a great tourney and it was obvious that their hearts were into it.  It all ran very smoothly and they announced and congratulated everybody after matches.  Another highlight was actually an unexpected prize.  We didn’t even know that they were giving out a prize for fastest victory in a round until we found out that Juan won with a 22 second round!  He won the single biggest pizza I have ever seen in my life!  I think we were told it was 28 inches but it looked like the size of a car tire! He was so happy when he got that pizza that you would think he won the tourney! We had to put that thing in the trunk on the way home because there was no other way to get that thing in the car.

                So, to everybody who came out I hope you guys had as much fun as I obviously did (and it looked like most of you did).  I want to wholeheartedly thank the owner and the great people of D’Avinos Pizza in Dutch Square Mall for doing all of this. This tourney was completely free to enter and they gave away awesome prizes completely at their cost.  The good news is that they already have other tourneys in the works for other games all the way through December and we’re going to work with them to see if we can get more expanded tourneys with SF4 and other fighters.  Again, Congrats to U-Volt!

Pics and more detailed results are forthcoming. I’m waiting for stuff to be sent to me from the organizers. I’ll post them when I get them. From what we remember, here’s the top 5:

1. U-Volt (Balrog)
2. SimpleKiss (Ryu)
3. Boo (Ryu)
4. BushidoX (Ken)
5. Juan (Sagat)


11 Responses to D’Avino’s SF4 Tourney: Columbia, SC (11 July, 2009) Early Results and Impressions

  1. U-Volt says:

    Yea, I second everything that Avatar says here. This tourney was comfortable, challenging, and mad hype. The scene here is getting very exciting, and I really feel some camaraderie building with my fellow players. This was the first time I’ve ever carpooled to a tourney, with Myself, Avatar (Rodney), Hi-Tekk (Rahjon), and Juan in the same car. It was nice b/c we all got to hype each other up on the way there at back. The D’Avino’s guys were really cool, and did a great job for their first tourney. Awesome eats too! I sound like a broken record saying this, but I really can’t wait for the next tourney, and the next opportunity I get to play with all the great players here. Till next time, guys!

  2. Rahjon says:

    Hey great write up man it was a blast to hang and compete! If we can continue to have tournaments there in the mall, I think will the scene here will blow up a lot quicker!

  3. rodneydesjarlais says:

    Rahjon, I agree man. I think that venue has the most potential for getting the scene to expand at its fastest.

    The good news is that one of the D’Avinos guys told me that the owner is really enthusiastic about this. I’m going to call them and see if perhaps me and maybe yourself and Matt and/or some of our other fellow players can meet the owner to talk about another SF4 tourney.

    I think SF4 will be **WAY** bigger for them than any of those other tourneys they have scheduled!

  4. John Pading says:

    I was so nervous, my game was barely at 50%, to be honest, but it was the most fun I’ve had with Street Fighter, by far. It really was a great place to play–I loved seeing the confused old people.

  5. CoDeX GIGAS says:

    I belive that at this tournament that i gained the respect from some of the best players there are especially as the only zangeif player.

    I hope that there will be another street fighter 4 tournament like that sometime soon, and if anyone will help me organize one this is my contact number. Call me as soon as you read this so we can talk about the details, if anyonr of you guys reading this will want to organize another street fighter 4 tournament

    My Contact Number is:

  6. Bushido X says:

    This tournament was a great way to establish myself as a Ken player and as a rising tournament competitor in SC. Everyone was mad hype until the very end. Even during the casuals you could tell that this was going to be fun. The atmosphere and the players were awesome competitors and people in general. Once again, congrats to Matt who dominated the tournament with that Balrog that I admire so much.

  7. SimpleKiss says:

    It was a really good tourney. I want to see the pictures that were taken!

    I was also finally happy to break my stick in for its first tourney. And yeah you get nervous. This is my Third Tournament I’ve participated in, and second one I’ve placed in the top 4. You just get used to it.

    Best way to get better is to continue attending tournaments. X-box live aint gonna level your game up after a certain point. And it’s nothing like sitting next to someone with bunches of people crowded around.

  8. Codex GIGAS says:

    I also thought that the whole chemistry of the tournament was HYPE to the point where you didnt know what was going to happen after someone won or lost a match.

    I also admire the RYU player who took me to my limit in the tournament, and i also give thanks to all the top players who gave me the credit even though it was my first tournament.

  9. lilbliss says:

    I was just glad that I could play against the guy who used Akuma. I thought that I was good, but I know that there is a lot of room for improvement. I will get better with Rose, and thanks for the challenge.

  10. Bob Hawks says:

    Thanks for all the support, guys! 🙂 I don’t think either me or Richie anticipated the wave of support we would get for this thing, and it is decidedly welcome. We’d love to hear any comments, questions, or suggestions you’d like to make! And as you know, there will certainly be more tournaments at D’avino’s in the future. 😉

    If any of you want it, I have a play-by-play typed up and can send it to anybody that would like it, or I can post it up here if you all don’t mind. In the end, these were the victors:

    1st Place: Matt Seifer – 15 wins, 3 losses, quickest killtime 24 seconds.
    2nd Place: John Bonomolo – 12 wins, 3 losses, quickest killtime 27 seconds.
    3rd Place: Namboohyun “Boo” – 10 wins, 7 losses, quickest killtime 26 seconds.
    4th Place: Travis Qualls – 9 wins, 8 losses, quickest killtime 30 seconds.
    Honorable Mention to Juan Cosme with the fastest killtime of 22 seconds, which he achieved TWICE in the tourney 🙂 His record was 7 wins, 5 losses.

    We have pictures, we are just getting them printed – once that’s done there will be a nice framed portrait of Mr. Seifer standing in front of his victorious Balrog screen at the pizzeria. We will certainly post them here as well once we get the photos back. 🙂
    In the meantime, though, if you all want to keep posted on what we’re doing for tournaments, send us an e-mail at davinosarcadetournaments@live.com and I’ll put you on the mailer. We’ll send out an e-mail bimonthly to keep everyone updated on what’s happening for our tourneys. To let you all know, as well, this is what we’re planning for the near future:

    August 9th: Pac-Man Championship Edition
    September 13th: UFC Undisputed
    October 11th: Madden 2010
    November 8th: Mario Kart Wii
    December 6th: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

    These are the set dates for those tourneys, and we have a whole year’s worth of games planned. However, I’m not going to set dates here for the rest because we’re waiting to see how attendance goes up until Christmastime. I will tell you what we’re planning into 2010, however:
    NCAA Basketball 2010, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Tekken 6, Punch Out Wii, Soul Calibur 4, and finally Halo 3.

    There will be an entrance fee for these tournaments so that we can fund prizes in the future – it’s $5 for each individual tourney, or you can buy a series ticket for $20 and play in all the tournaments you’d like. The benefit of this is, of course, that we can afford better things for the participants – 100% of the funds we raise for entrance fees go to fund the tournament itself. It’s our hope (hope, mind you, all of this depends on participation) that we can have a grand prize of $100 cash to each tournament’s winner.

    If the tournaments go over well, we will probably move them up from once a month to once every few weeks. And furthermore, since we seem to have gotten a lot of fervor for fighting games, Richie has proposed that we set up an entirely new, second circuit that focuses just on fighting games. We’re still working on this, but we’ll probably have something workable by the time we finish the Pac-Man tournament.
    I’m just speculating right now, but what Richie has said to me that he wants to do is set up this circuit inbetween all the other tourneys that we’ve already scheduled. They’ll be played on fighters – he’s agreed on games like Marvel vs. Capcom, BlazBlue, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, and so on. Finally, this will be set up as a tourney point system, so that over the course of the tournament season a player will accumulate points as he or she wins matches across all the games – whoever has the most points by the end of the season will get some kind of awesome prize. As an example, say Matt Seifer got, oh, 15 points for his 15 wins in SF4. On his next tourney, he gets only 7 wins, and so gets another 7 points, and on the next one he gets 10 wins for 10 more points. Over those three tourneys, he gets a total of 22 points, and if that’s the highest number any single player has gotten throughout the season, he’ll win something awesome. Anyways, we still need to work this out, but it’s a start. And if you have suggestions, let us know!

    Well guys, I think I’ve ranted enough. Thank you for making this tournament awesome, both for yourselves and for us, and we look forward to seeing every one of you at the next one!!

  11. Bushido X says:

    Boo and John were the hardest Ryu’s I’ve ever had the joy of facing off against. I hope that I see you two again at another tournament.

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