Play-N-Trade Street Fighter 4 Ran Bat and Fight Night Round 4 Tournament: Charleston, SC (18 July, 2009)

Organizer: Josh (Icege)
Play N’ Trade (West Ashley)
1836 Ashley River Rd
Charleston, SC 29407

Sign-ups start @ 11am. Tournament starts @ 12:30pm.

$10 for SF4
$5 for FNR4

Prizes: 1st 100% bonus pts + 70% pot in store credit
2nd 70% bonus + 20% pot in store credit
3rd 50% bonus + 10% pot in store credit

FNR4 Prizes: 1st place – 100% pot in store credit

SF4 = double elim, 2/3 rds, 2/3 matches, 3/5 winners/losers/grand finals. 99time. All characters enabled. Only 3P & 3K button macros allowed.

FNR4 rules will be determined as the date closes in.

You can pre-register on location or in the official tourney thread located at:


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