Tourney Calendar added to Upcoming Tourneys Page

calendarA tourney calendar has been added to the Upcoming Tourneys page.  This page will hopefully help both players and other tourney organizers.  Players may find it useful in planning which tournaments to attend.  It includes both tourneys within South Carolina and in the neighboring states of North Carolina and Georgia for those willing to travel.

The calendar will hopefully also be useful to other tourney organizers.  It is always a good thing to try to plan tourneys on dates that are not on the same day as another tourney.  If your tourney is the only one in the region on a particular region, your chances of getting traveling tourney players to drive out to your event increase.  The last Columbia tourney had 5 players from out of state due to this.

We will try to make this calendar comprehensive but it’s only as accurate as the information we get.  We will add events that we see official threads for in major forums.  If you know of an upcoming tourney that is not on the calendar, please pass that information to us and we’ll have it added as soon as possible.


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