Play-N-Trade Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue Tournament: Columbia, SC (25 July, 2009)



Play-N-Trade Videogames will be hosting a fighting game tournament for Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on Saturday, July 25th!

Organizer: Brian McMahon from Columbia Play-N-Trade

5424 Forest Dr
Columbia, SC  29206-5415

Phone# 803-790-7155

Check-In Begins 1:00PM
Tourney Begins: 2:00PM

**PLEASE BE 15 MINUTES EARLY MINIMUM: Nobody likes waiting on people coming in late! Being there just 15 minutes early allows time to check in and set up for the tourneys and to settle in.

Head-to-Head Arcade Style with each player having their own TV!
Space issues prohibit having a lot of chairs around for people who use joysticks (this is a place of business after all). However, Brian has proposed something that is unique and could be really cool. They are planning for each player to have their own monitor and station for placing their joystick for the matches! This is great because it actually helps replicate that arcade experience!

Here are the global rules:
*Playstation 3 versions will be used
*Bring your own stick or controller. HOWEVER: If you do not have one or are a 360 player, come out anyway. One of us will happily let you use a stick for matches!
*Both tourneys are double elimination style
*No banned characters
*No turbo buttons allowed or macros other than 3 punch/ 3 kick
*Each matchup is best of 3 games. Finals and Grand Finals best of 5
*Winer keeps same character. Loser can change characters

Pre-Registration is IMPORTANT. In this case, it will SAVE YOU MONEY
Brian really wants to have an idea of how many people will show up for this tourney. 
*If you sign up on the day of the tourney,the cost is $10 for the first tourney and $5 for the second.
*If you pre-register the cost is $5 per tourney.

Really there is NO EXCUSE not to pre-register. You can do it in one of 3 easy ways. You can go to the store itself. You can call the store using the number provided. Or you can simply pre-register in the Shoryuken Forum official thread located at:

Note: Prizes will be in the form of store credit. Unfortunately, gambling laws in our state prohibit licensed establishments from giving cash prizes. However, who couldn’t use more money for games??

So lets show our support for these games. Come out for the fun and the competition!


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