Reminder: 2 Tourneys next Weekend (11 July)

This is just a reminder that next Saturday (11 July) there will be not one but two tourneys. 

Dueling Grounds 4: Summer Fighting Fest (Myrtle Beach, SC)

One takes place in Myrtle Beach and is being organized by Justin (SonGohanX).  It is one of the first tourneys in our state to showcase the recent (and amazing!) console release of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger on consoles.  It will also feature Street Fighter 4, of course!  Originally it was to showcase the console release of King of Fighters XII as well but that game got delayed.  The entry fee has been lowered from $15 for all tourneys to $13 as well.  If you are anywhere within driving distance of Myrtle, go play! The fee gets you into both tourneys, so even if you haven’t played BlazBlue before this is a fantastic opportunity to give it a try! 

D’Avinos Street Fighter 4 Tournament (Columbia, SC)

This one pretty much came out of nowhere.  The fine folks at D’Avinos restaurant in Dutch Square Mall decided to throw a Street Fighter 4 tournament.  Here’s the best part: It’s free!! Not only that, but they’ve arranged for prizes for the winners including a gift card for GameStop and food prizes.  It’s free and has prizes!  If you for some reason can’t make the drive out to Myrtle for the Summer Fighting Fest, come over to this one.

For more information hit the Upcoming Tourneys page.


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