First Columbia Street Fighter 4 Gathering a Success!

If there is a sign of how much the Street Fighter 4 scene has grown in Columbia, SC, it was this gathering.  We met on Friday (19 June) at my house for a night of SF4 fighting.  We had decided that the best way to level up each other’s game is to play each other as often as possible.  This gathering was the first of hopefully many to come. 

10 players plus their significant others ended up coming down, which is enough for a small tourney.  Most of the Columbia regulars came down (U-Volt, AwardTour, Hi-Tekk, Love) as well as some new players I had not met before.  SonGohanX from Myrtle Beach also came down (that’s hardcore) as it was on his way to another tourney he was attending in the next day or so. 

There were many great matches in the hours of gametime that we had.  We played an arcade-style format where the winner stays while the others tried to knock him out.  We had a 5 win cap for the winner so that players had a better chance of playing against everybody else. After all, that’s why we were there.  Good times were had by all! We will keep you posted when we decide to do another get-together, which will hopefully be soon.

Here is a little bit of footage from a match.  We took it to test many things so it isn’t a full match. It’s a random slice of footage.


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